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Isoboard Green®/ XPS Extruded Polystyrene

Styropor Composition

Styropor Expanded Polystyrene is a styrene base plastic material having a rigid white foam like texture comprising not less than 4 to 6 million closed cells per liter. It offers a variety of unique properties never combines in any other material. Its honey comb texture of closed cell makes it a homogeneous material. It is rigid but extremely light in weight. It is a stable material and does not age. It is unaffected by acids, alkali, alcohol and sea water. It is supplied in blocks for concrete rib slabs, sheets, as well as for preformed pipe insulation.


It is used in the building as expansion joints as a permanent concrete filler and in sandwich panels for the pre-fabrication field. Further more it is also used for decorative works, for insulating refrigerated rooms, freezers, trucks, piping, and air ducting, packaging, and flotation field in various forms and shapes.